Root Barrier

Product Description

USES & FUNCTIONS RSPL Root Barrier is designed to prevent wall cracking and to extend life of the concrete paths around trees as well as to protect buildings, walls and sidewalks from potential damage caused by root development redirecting roots downwards. The non-coated type can be used where it may be required to have a water permeable solution (i.e. surrounding land drains) while the both-sides coated type in cases where water permeability is not necessary.
FEATURES & BENEFITS 1.      Resistant to root penetration

2.      Lightweight and easy to install

3.      Width ranges from 0.60 m to 2.00 m

4.      Available in 25 m and 50 m rolls. Also available in other lengths upon request.

5.      Resistant to puncturing

6.      Resistant to soil chemicals, mildew and insects

7.      100% recyclable

8.      Available in two types (coated on both sides or non-coated)


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