REINFORCEMENT The good tensile mechanical properties of RSPL geotextiles in conjunction with The Soils good compressive but poor tensile properties improve the total System’s Strength interaction. The high strength and low elongation of the geotextile are ideal For reinforcing embankments of roads, Slopes, and Retaining walls.

SEPARATION The placement of RSPL Flexible and porous geotextile between dissimilar earth Material allows for the Integrity and Functioning of both material so they can be improved or remain intact.

FILTRATION RSPL nonwoven geotextiles work in equilibrium with the Soil to allow for adequate liquid flow with limited soil loss across the plane of the geotextile while avoiding pore clogging.

DRAINAGE The equilibrium between the soil-to-RSPL nonwoven geotextile systems allows for adequate liquid flow while maintaining limited soil loss within the plane of the geotextile. The hydraulic properties of the geotextile are suitable to establish Structural stability by controlling excess amounts of water during and after construction.

PROTECTION RSPL Nonwoven geotextile offer perfect damage protection to geomembranes and other coated materials that may occur from contact with sharp soil surfaces such as proportional to the amount of protection that they can offer.

EROSION CONTROL RSPL nonwoven geotextile can be used independently or in conjunction with RSPL Woven geotextile for creating geobags that can be utilized for erosion control of Slopes, shoreline protection, and river bank flood control.

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