Product Description

GeoMattress is a Flexible and Tubular shaped Mattress System, manufactured from two layers of geotextile, upper layer is green colored composite fabric having green cut fiber on top and bottom layer is high strength woven fabric. The upper layer provides long lasting UV protection and enhancing natural vegetation growth and gives attractive look of the protection bank.

GeoMattress is a flexible and tubular mattress system designed to control erosion and prevent scour holes in riverbanks. Its unique design dissipates the energy of longitudinal currents and wave action, making it an effective solution for riverbank erosion control


Proven and established cost effective system across the globe.

  • Durable structures-material selection based on established international guidelines.

Send as fill material-hence better option for places with less stone availability.

Easy to install-hydraulic filling using pumps to fill the dredged sand.


Erosion control river sea walls



Beach restoration

  • Flood protection


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