Woven Geotextile

Product Description

Woven Geotextile (High strength low elongation HSLE), Woven geotextile is made of high strength woven polypropylene special yarns. These yarns have got high tensile strength and low elongation values.

Woven geotextile offers cost effective and significant performance benefits in Ground stabilization and soil reinforcement applications

Woven Geotextiles are the strongest fabrics available for erosion control, stabilization, and aggregate separation. They are characterized by high tensile strengths at low elongation, hence yielding high tensile modulus. These woven geotextiles are dimensionally stable, resistant to Ultra Violet (UV) degradation and are engineered to be mechanically and chemically stable in aggressive soil environments and are also resistant to biological environments normally found in soil.



Separator cum reinforcement for paved/ unpaved roads

Basal reinforcement of embankments on soft ground

Sub grade soil stabilization

Reinforced soil steep slopes

Geotextile tubes

Filters for hard armour erosion control systems

Can be used to construct reinforced soil retaining wall

Can be placed on soft ground, allows stable embankment to be constructed safely, rapidly and economically


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