Paving Fabrics

Product Description

MoRTH-approved product that can be included within a paving project to improve the life-cycle performance of roads and ensure a smoother ride for motorists. Two pavement interlayer’s or bituminous nonwoven geotextile paving fabrics. These products must meet the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRTH) standards, specifically 700 specifications, which set forth a set of physical, mechanical, and endurance properties that must be met, or exceeded, by the manufactured geotextile. These specifications are intended to assure both good quality and performance of geotextiles used on our roadways

Benefits of Rajdhani Syntex Geotextile Paving Fabrics-

  1.  Provides a moisture barrier for base and sub grade reinforcement protection.
  2. Creates a stress-relieving membrane between the existing pavement and new asphalt overlay.
  3. Retards the propagation of existing cracks through a new overlay to provide reflective crack control.
  4. Extends the useful life of the overlay

The use of Rajdhani Syntex paving fabrics is ideal for the following locations:

  • Public streets or highways
  • Parking lots
  • Bridges
  • Recreational paths.
  • Playgroups

Surface water infiltration into paving joints and improperly compacted pavements can be reduced through placement of an approved paving fabric.


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