Product Description

Duvets make up the softest part of your bed, allowing you to get that good night’s sleep we all
deserve. Our collection includes all sizes, from single to super king, and carries togs suitable to all
seasons. This includes: 4.5, 9, 10.5, 13.5 and 15 tog duvets. Comfill has over 20 years’ experience
in curating the perfect bed accessories, including the all-important duvet. Quilted to ensure even
filling distribution, you can choose from down-like super microfibre, hollowfibre, feather, down, and
much more.

Comes in all standard sizes & also get customized as per required

Down & Feather Duvets / Comforters/ Quilts
Comfill feather and down Duvets are encased within super soft and breathable 100% cotton.
Filled with new white virgin feathers or luxury goose down, our collection of feather pillows are
RDS certified, with fully traceable and ethically source materials used.

Micro fiber Duvets / Comforters/ Quilts
Duvet for keeping you warm & snug in unrelenting winter chill, designed to retain body heat on
colder nights. The best virgin health friendly imported super microfibers used.

Soft & Sensuous as Natural Down
Healthy and Hypoallergenic Peach Finished Micro Fabric shell prevents Dust Mites
Breathable and Ethereal
Lasting loft & heavenly comfort
Plush and silky hand feel enhances your comfort level

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