Geocomposite Fabric

Product Description

Geocomposites create easy-to-install replacements for conventional granular layers. The Non woven Geotextile filter/HDPEnet/NWG filter composites are used for general area drainage and are easy-to-install, factory-assured replacements for stone installations. The filter/net/membrane composites are used to drain from one side only and provide a barrier to the other-a cut-off drain. Both types can be deployed vertically or horizontally.

The textile provides the filter function, allowing liquids and gasses to pass into the net core while preventing soil particles from washing into and clogging the core. The net collects the liquids and gasses which can then be conveyed to collection points. Membranes are used to provide the barrier function and prevent the passage of liquids and the majority of gasses.


These compositions provide benefits over individual layers by enhancing functions, with careful design they can provide Drainage, Protection, Reinforcement, Filtration and barrier functions while replacing expensive and scarce mineral resources.

Main uses :-

  • Horizontal drainage of embankments, roads, railways and other trafficked areas.
  • Vertical drainage of retaining structures, bridges, tunnels and other underground constructions.
  • Drainage of playgrounds, waste deposits, landfills etc.
  • Effective drainage Geocomposite with long life span.
  • High drainage capacity even under pressure.

    TECHNICAL DATA SHEET                        
    Geocomposite for planar drainage manufactured by bonding a draining core – HDPE geonet done by two sets of parallel overlayed ribs integrally connected to have a rhomboidal shape – with two
    nonwoven geotextile, working as separation, filtration and protection layer.

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