Air filter media

Product Description

Nonwoven air filter media in their simplest forms are random fiber structures, usually in sheet form, that are used to separate one or more phases from a moving air passing through the media. Filtration is generally perceived as the removal of particulate phases from the moving air by entrapping the particulate matter in the tortuous structure of the filter medium. Nonwoven is used as the separating media. This will include adsorption, absorption, extraction coalescence, electrostatic effects, and antimicrobial activity.

Air filter media traps tiny invisible air pollutant particles. These pollutants include dander, pollen, mold and dust. Air Filter Media is primarily used as a pre-filter for more expensive final filters, which helps in increasing life cycle of final filters by 50%-60%.

Air filter media helps in filtering fine dust particles and perform at high efficiency. Air filter media is used in multiple categories like, Home filters, Industrial filters, Vehicle filters, etc. RSPL is one of the leading manufacturer of synthetic Air Filter Media and efficient in providing customized solutions according to customer specifications, which meets all requirements


Media filters are very easy to maintain and great for filtering bacteria and other small airborne pollutants. The filtered dirt is sealed into the filter, preventing it from being expelled back into your home. Media filters are also sturdy and cost- effective and low maintenance since they only need to be changed once or twice a year. They’re great at filtration thanks to their increased surface area, and they also trap pollutants rather than sending them back into the air.

Application of Non woven fabric in air filter.

  • Pre Air Filters.
  • Washable Panel Filters.
  • Steel Mesh Filters.

& many more…

  • Disposable Pleated Filters.
  • Carbon Filters.
  • Nylon Mesh Filters.

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