Pillow Fillers

Product Description

Pillows are essential to the perfects night’s sleep. Our range of our uncompromisingly luxurious, hotel-grade pillows for the ultimate support, comfort and relaxation in your home. With a large range of expertly created pillows to explore, as well as a variety of fillings and casings – including anti-dust mite 100% cotton and organic cotton – you’ll have the freedom to choose a pillow to suit your every need.

Comes in all standard sizes & also get customized as per required

Handcrafted in India with Specialized Imported Machines and filled with ethically sourced Feathers and Down, GRS certified Recycled Fiber, Synthetic Super Microfiber, High Resilience Conjugated Polyester fiber & Recently added BIODEGRADABLE POLYESTER each Pillow is manufactured to the highest quality.

Expertly made, generously filled and carefully sewn to ensure lasting loft, comfort and durability they can be easily washed at home and will remain as soft and as plump as the day they were made.

With years of research and development, we are proud to manufacture Pillow of the highest quality in the India

Down & Feather Pillows

Comfill feather and down pillows are encased within super soft and breathable 100% cotton. Filled with new white virgin feathers or luxury goose down, our collection of feather pillows are RDS certified, with fully traceable and ethically source materials used.

Microfibre Pillows

Ideal for asthma or allergy sufferers, our range of super microfibre pillows are luxuriously soft with true bounce-back quality. Encased within soft cotton, they provide lasting support and are filled with a synthetic “just like down” filling.

 Aloe Vera Pillow: – Comfill presents the luxurious blend of nature and innovation as we introduce a pillow that transcends the ordinary. Crafted from a Peach Finished Micro Fabric shell treated with Aloe Vera Gel, this pillow is not just a sleep accessory but a wellness solution for your skin.

 Cervical Support Down Pillow: – Comfill Cervical Support down Pillow is specially crafted taking care for the cervical patients, its D shape small is filled with 100% down to provide soft support to head  n Outer D Shape Big one is filled with Gosse Down n feather to give neck support

 Neck Roll Pillow:- Comfill pillow made up of New virgin fibers encased into soft micro fabric. We can use in bed, also used in rolling chairs, bean bags, and car seat.

Maternity / Pregnancy Pillow: – your changing body needs best lumber n back support during motherhood period and our maternity pillows are just the right fit! The soft and flexible shape allows you to sleep comfortably in any position and ensures a good blood circulation. It also helps you deal with pregnancy issues of leg cramps, heartburns and nasal congestion- all with the help of a good night’s sleep with apt maternity pillows!

Comfill Green Biodegradable Pillows

Comfill is offering new age solution for Pillow Filling . An ingrained polyester fiber with sustainable textile technology which gets biodegraded in certain environmental conditions from outside to inside. This is developed with primary purpose of sustainability to protect our mother earth .

High Resilience Polyfiber Pillows  

Our firm and supportive pillow are available with a high resilience conjugate fiber filling.

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